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2022英语答题卡全国甲卷word版(有听力) 1P


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2022英语答题卡全国甲卷w(有听力) 1P


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2022高考语文答题卡(全国甲卷)word版3 2P


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2022高考语文答题卡(全国甲卷)w3 2P


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2022高考文综答题卡(全国甲卷)word版 2P


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2022高考文综答题卡(全国甲卷)w 2P

2022高考文综答题卡(全国甲卷)w .pdf

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2022高考数学答题卡(全国甲卷)word版 2P


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2022高考理综答题卡(全国甲卷)word版 2P


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成考常考英语语法十五要点 8P


成考常考英语语法十五要点一、动词时态及语态题(大家应该记住我所讲过的九种时态,特别是其中的过去完成,过去进行时,客观真理要用一般现在时等)1、The manager told us that this factory was built in 1958.2、By the time we got there,the play had already begun.3、When I was a child,I knew that the earth turns about its axis.4、When Mr.Delay got home after a day''s exhausting work,his wife and children were sleeping.二、非谓语动词题(特别是现在分词与过时分词的区别,大家一定要弄明白主动与被动这对最最重要的区别,要求大家多看我的上课笔记)1、The film showed last night was very moving. (不用 moved,大家别忘了-ed 形容词和-ing 形容词的区别)2、Having finishing his lecture,the teacher asked if anyone wished to asked a question.3、The problem being discussed is very important.  4、Given more time,we are sure to finish it.5、Will you please make yourself known to everyone here三、It 作形式主语及形式宾语题(这也是一个常考点,it 本身是没有意思的,注意 it还可以指时间,天气等。 )1、It is difficult to study English well.2、We think it is important to pass the exam.四、强调句型(大家要记住的是 it is (was)…… that…,如果前面是 it iswas 后面往往选用 that,当然强调人的时候也可用 who)1、It was at an evening party that I first saw her.2、It is what you will do that is important.3、When was it that he bought a new car五、倒装句型  全部倒装句(这种全部倒装题历年只考过一次,考得最多的都是下面的部分倒装)1、Stop talking!There comes the teacher.部分倒装句(如果选项里面有两个主谓倒装了,两个没有,我们一般要在倒装里做选择)1、So badly was he hurt in the accident that he had to be sent to hospital.2、Not only does he study well,but also he is always ready to help others.3、Mary has done well in the English exam. So she has. She always does well in the exam.六、从句中选择关系词题(重点在定语从句,多看笔记,becausesincenow thatasfor;so…that…such … that…)1、It was in so friendly a way that he talked

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高考英语应用文写作——建议信 12P


写作|英语应用文写作——建议信〖写作任务〗1假设你是红星中学高三学生李华。你的英国笔友 Jim 在给你的邮件中提到他最近过度使用手机,日常生活受到影响,他为此感到苦恼。请你给他回复邮件,内容包括:1.表示理解;2.你的建议及理由。注意:1.词数 100 左右;2.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。Dear Jim,________________________________________________________________YoursLi Hua【参考范文】Dear Jim,I am sorry to know you are troubled by cellphone overuse. As a heavy cellphone user myself, I totally understand the stress and frustration you are feeling.Fortunately, we can do a few things about it. For instance, we can set certain hours of the day as “cellphone time” and only pick up the phone during those hours. By doing so, we can reduce our screen time. We may also participate in group activities where we meet people face to face and thus don’t need to rely on the phone all the time to contact others.I hope my suggestions can help and I’m sure you will get through this. Let me know if I can help in any way.Yours,Li Hua〖写作任务〗2假设你是红星中学高三学生李华,你的英国朋友 Jim 在给你的邮件中提到他对中国文化感兴趣,计划明年来北京上大学。他向你咨询相关信息。请给他回邮件,内容包括:1. 表示欢迎;2. 推荐他上哪所大学;3. 建议他做哪些准备工作。注意:1. 词数不少于 50;2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。更多精彩内容,欢迎关注英语学习:waynesunbj【参考范文】Dear Jim,I'' m so glad to hear your future education plan in Beijing in your last letter. First I would like to express my warmest welcome to you and I am sure you will have the most unforgettable experience during your college in Beijing.Learning your keen interest in Chinese culture, I suggest you apply for Peking University, one of the best universities in China. Its Chinese Literature major is, perfect for you where you. can be completely soaked in Chinese profound h

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高考英语8大热点话题相关词汇整理 21P


热点话题一:抗疫基础词汇:Covid-19(新型冠状病毒);pandemic(流行病);outbreak(爆发);front line(前线);risk(风险;冒......的风险);wear masks(戴口罩);wash hands frequently(勤洗手);avoid(避免);crowded(拥挤的);vaccine(疫苗);spread(传播,蔓延);prevent(阻止);control(控制);concern(关心);treatment(治疗);defeat(战胜);rumor(谣言);panic(恐慌);helpless(无助的);high-risk area(高风险地区);be infected with(感染);confirmed case(确诊病例);positive cases(阳性病例);body temperature(体温);have a fever(发烧);online courses(网课);angel in white(白衣天使);fight against(抗击);keep social distance(保持社交距离);in the front line(在前线)高级词汇:sacrifice(牺牲);unite as one(众志成城);rage(迅速蔓延;快速扩散);corresponding(相应的;相关的);in response to(对…… 做出响应);with joint efforts(在共同努力下);be susceptible to(易感染的);pay respect to(向......表达敬意);have confidence in(对……有信心);keep/stay/maintain/remain optimistic(保持乐观)热点话题二:冬奥基础词汇:skate(滑冰);ski(滑雪);mascot(吉祥物);international(国际的);sport(运动) ;event(大事件;时时彩开奖软件_活动);athlete(运动员);volunteer(志愿者);encourage(鼓励;鼓舞);champion(冠军);host(主办时时彩开奖软件_活动);symbol(象征);represent(代表);National Stadium(国家体育馆);teamwork spirit(团队精神);be proud of(对......感到自豪);compete for(竞争;角逐);gold medal(金牌);the 2022 winter Olympics(2022 冬奥会);opening ceremony(开幕式);冰墩墩 Bing Dwen Dwen高级词汇:miracle(奇迹);strive(努力奋斗;拼搏);significance(重要性;意义);display(展示,展现);on behalf of(代表);light up(点亮);be qualified for(有资格胜任);feature (以......为特色);amateur(业余爱好者);cooperation(合作,协作);sportsmanship(体育精神);be suitable for(适合);have passion for(对......有热情);fulfill one’s dream(实现某人的梦想);together for a shared future(一起向未来)热点话题三:航天和最新的科学技术基础词汇:universe(宇宙);space(太空);explore(探索);astronaut(宇航员);crew(机组人员);astronomy(天文学);land(着陆);r

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高考英语阅读自测纯文字版 4P


On a five to three vote, the Supreme Court knocked out much of Arizona’s immigration law Monday—a modest policy victory for the Obama Administration. But on the more important matter of the Constitution, the decision was an 8-0 defeat for the Administration’s effort to upset the balance of power between the federal government and the states.In Arizona v. United States, the majority overturned three of the four contested provisions of Arizona’s controversial plan to have state and local police enforce federal immigration law. The Constitutional principles that Washington alone has the power to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and that federal laws precede state laws are noncontroversial. Arizona had attempted to fashion state policies that ran parallel to the existing federal ones.Justice Anthony Kennedy, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and the Court’s liberals, ruled that the state flew too close to the federal sun. On the overturned provisions the majority held that Congress had deliberately “occupied the field”and Arizona has thus intruded on the federal’s privileged powers.However, the Justices said that Arizona police would be allowed to verify the legal status of people who come in contact with law enforcement. That’s because Congress has always envisioned joint federal-state immigration enforcement and explicitly encourages state officers to share information and cooperate with federal colleagues.Two of the three objecting Justices—Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas—agreed with this Constitutio

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高考英语-读后续写六种微技巧句子翻译练习 18P


读后续写六种微技巧句子翻译练习形容词作状语1. 回答不出老师的问题,学生们都保持沉默。2. 在我回家的途中,我看到一个中年男子躺在路边,烂醉如泥。3. 因为害怕挨骂,Eric 起了逃学的念头。4. 他躺在床上,睡不着,听着外面呼啸的风声。5. Mary 满脸通红、气喘吁吁地从大门口跑了进来。6. Jack 在他的房间里来回踱步,陷入了深思。7. 在直升飞机的帮助下,Mary 安然无恙地出了森林,见15. Harry 很好奇,想知道商店里的人群在看什么,于是便挤了进去。非谓语动词 having done1.在家整整复习了一个周末,他满怀信心地期待即将到来的考试。2.她接连经历了那么多次失败后,终于振作起来了。3.在银行排队等了一个小时后,这个女人变得不耐烦,然后离开了。4.她在街上漫无目的地逛了好几个小时,感到有点饿,想吃点东西。5.向邻居们打了招呼后,我们开始搭起崭新的帐篷6.说出真相后、3.他的妻子伤心极了,眼里满是泪水。4.他又沮丧叉低落,低着头,走在队伍的最后。5.他聚精会神地听着,咬着嘴唇,眼睛盯着地板。6.天亮时 Jane 醒了,觉得头晕晕的。7.意外毁了他的计划、他愤怒地大叫了一声。8."当然有圣诞老人啊" ,奶奶说道,一边用手指拨弄着我的头发。9.她感到累极了,坐在溪边,让疼痛的双脚放松一下。10.她穿着圣诞老人的服装,悄悄溜进房间,没有被看到。Ⅱ.Jane 觉得冷得2. 我震惊得睁大眼睛,目瞪口呆。3. 这就是"有志者事竟成 "这个真理。4.他非常绝望,借酒消愁。5.沉默之后,响起一阵掌声。6.直到失去所有的财产,他才意识到自己被骗了。7.他的脑中闪过一位英雄战士的形象。8.直到那只兔子完全消失在我们的视线中,我们才不追了。9.站在前门的是 Jane 的丈夫、他在找不到 Jane 的时候非常焦急。10. 她心事太重,因此没听到妈妈的问题。11.他僵硬的脸上有虚拟语气1. 如果我多等一分钟、我就坐上时时彩保本打法_汽车了。2 如果我们中有更多人看重家庭而不是金钱,这个世界就会更美好。3.如果没有挫折,我们的人生就不会充满精彩的故事。4. 他无法想象如果 Henry 不来救他,会发生什么。5.要不是 Mr.Rowe 的耐心和鼓励, Steve 是无法最终实现他的梦想的。6.如果妈妈没有那么健忘的话,我们就不用再回去取东西了。7.Steven 道尬地低下头,真希望刚才没有15.伙伴们都在到处跑着,玩得很开心,可 Susan 却独自坐在草坪上,希望自己此刻在家里。名词性从句1.我突然想到她可能是在撒谎。2. Harry 完全不知道他们在说什么。3.我从未想到我们学校的篮球队会在决赛中败北。4.他们应该再次尝试的想法值得考虑。5.我们一起来讨论这个话题的主意真是让我松了一口气。6.我突然意识到,与另一支队伍比赛是一个很好的学习机会。7.尽管训练生活很辛苦、但我珍惜每一13.Jack 脑海里涌起一个可怕的想法,这个人可能会为了偷房子里的贵重物品而14.Jack 突然想到一个主意,他可以扔一些石头到房子里,把这家人吵醒。15.我接受了父亲的建议,要成为一名医生,虽然我对这样的前途毫无把握。参考答案形容词作状语1.Unable to answer the teacher''s question, all the students kept silent.2.On my非谓语动词 having done1. Having reviewed his lessons for a whole weekend at home, he expected the coming exam with confidence.2 Having experienc

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高考英语考完形常考短语100组 40P


第 1 组put down 放下shut down 把…关上cut down 砍掉come down 下来,落下slow down 减缓,放慢sit down 坐下write down 写下get down 下来,降落第 2 组after all 毕竟,终究after that 于是,然后day after day 日复一日地one after another 相继,挨次soon after 不久以后the day after tomorrow 后天第 3 组come up with 想出,提出catch up with 赶上wake up 弄醒,醒来send up 发射open up 开设,开办grow up 长大pick up 拾起,捡起hands up 举手eat up 吃光clean up 打扫干净give up doing sth.=stop doing sth. 放弃做某事第 4 组arrive at/in + n. 到达get to +n. 到达reach + n. 到达第 5 组get…back 退还,送回去,取回give back 归还come back 回来at the back of 在…的后面on the way (back)home 在回家路上第 6 组at least 至少at breakfast 早餐时at desk 在桌前at once 立刻, 马上at school 在上学at the same time 同时at work 在工作be good at=do well in 擅长laugh at 嘲笑not…at all 一点也不at first 起初at night 在晚上at noon 中午at the age of / when sb. was…years old 在…岁时at last / in the end / finally 最后、终于at the beginning of the twenty-first century 在 21 世纪初at the end of 在…终点,结尾at the moment /now 现在at the foot of 在…脚下at Christmas 在圣诞节at any moment 任何时候at times/sometimes 有时,偶尔at the doctor’s 在医务室be bad at 不擅长第 7 组for example 例如for ever 永远be good for 对…有益be bad for 对…有害for long=for a long time 长期for short 简称be short for 是…的简称TV is short for “television”.第 8 组come true 实现come down 下来come from=be from 来自, 出生于come in/into 进入,进来come on 赶快come over 过来come along 走吧,过来,快点come and go 来来去去come up 上来come out 出来,(花)开,(照片)冲洗出来第 9 组even though=even if 即使、虽然、尽管第 10 组be pleased with 对…感到满意be covered with 被… 覆盖be expected to do sth. 被期望做某事be proud of 以…自豪speak highly of 称赞be afraid of 害怕hear of 听说hear from sb.收到某人的来信of course=certainly 当然可以plen

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21年高考英语真题100个长难句(语法填空答案) 11P


2021 年高考英语真题 100 个长难句1. About 98 cents of every duck stamp dollar goes directly into the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund to purchase wetlands and wildlife habitat for inclusion into the National 7. Of those Australians who still have a landline, a third concede (承认) that it’s not really necessary and they’re keeping it as a security blanket --19 percent say they never use it while a furt updated information from official stadium websites. 15. The French take their 35-hour workweek seriously --- so seriously that some labor unions recently struck a deal with a group of companies l 22. It doesn’t impress like George Washington’s plantation on the Potomac, but Lincoln’s home in downtown Springfield, Illinois, has proved irresistible to visitors since it opened to the public. against the fresh snow. 30. The ability to accurately understand how others are feeling may be used by a doctor to find how best to help her patients, while a cheater might use it to control pote Survey. 38. The right level of background noise may interrupt our normal patterns of thinking just enough to allow our imaginations to wander, without making it impossible to focus. 39. Generatio conditioning and a heater for the rooms; it also has free Wi-Fi in every room. 47. Clothing takes a huge amount of natural resources to make, and buying loads of new clothing (or throwing out old 58. If you’re faced with an awkward silence at a dinner party, the only thing that always gets everyone talking again is to give the ho

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高考英语真题100个长难句(语法填空) 13P


高考英语真题 100 个长难句1.About 98 cents of every duck stamp dollar goes directly into the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund _________(purchase) wetlands and wildlife habitat for _________(include) into th coffee shop provides _________ certain level of noise while also _________(provide) freedom from _________(interrupt).7.Of those _________(Australia) who still have a landline, _________ third co volunteers collected more than 10,000 pieces of plastic, which were then _________(tie) together to look like they’d been dumped(倾倒)from a truck all at once.13.He _________(thrill) to be doing t _________(accomplish) by the time I walked across the stage at high school graduation.19.The researchers then tested the _________(dog) ability to distinguish between human facial expressions by _________ and about _________(explore) and playing every day. 26. Although the _________(continue) popular appeal of emotional intelligence is _________(desire), we hope that such attention _____ suggesting that if children _________(inspire)up to the age of seven, then _________(be) outdoors will be a habit for life. 34. The researchers found that the dogs were able to pick the angry or 41. They were randomly divided _________ four groups and _________(expose) to various noise levels in the background, from total silence to 50 decibels, 70 decibels, and 85 decibels. 42. These da of postcrossing, Paulo says. 49. Silent onstage communication is key, and each _________(piano) has their own style of nodding ________

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高考英语阅读理解高频词690个 54P


高考英语阅读理解高频词 690 个1. alter v. 改变,变更2. burst vi./n. 突然发生,爆裂3. dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of)4. blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸 ,炸掉5. consume v. 消耗,耗尽6. split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的7. spit v. 吐(唾液等);唾弃8. spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出13. budget n. 预算 v. 编预算 ,作安排14. candidate n. 候选人15. campus n. 校园16. liberal a. 慷慨的;丰富的;自由的17. transform v. 转变,变革;变换18. transmit v. 传播,播送;传递19. transplant v. 移植20. transport vt. 运输,运送 n. 运输,运输工具21. shi26. suspicious a. 怀疑的,可疑的27. mild a. 温暖的,暖和的;温柔的, 味淡的28. tender a. 温柔的;脆弱的29. nuisance n. 损害,妨害,讨厌(的人或 事物)30. insignificant a. 无意义的,无足轻重的;无价值的31. accelerate vt. 加速,促进32. absolute a. 绝对的,无条件的;完全的33. b39. extraordinary a. 不平常的,特别的,非凡的40. extreme a. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,过分41. agent n. 代理人,代理商;动因,原因42. alcohol n. 含酒精的饮料,酒精43. appeal n./vi. 呼吁,恳求44. appreciate vt. 重视, 赏识,欣赏45. approve v. 同意,批准46. stimulate v52. trace vt. 追踪 ,找到 n. 痕迹,踪迹53. torture n./vt. 拷打,折磨54. wander vi. 漫游,闲逛55. wax n. 蜡56. weave v. 织,编57. preserve v. 保护,保存,保持,维持61. abuse v. 滥用,虐待;谩骂62. academic a. 学术的;高等院校的;研究院的63. academy n. (高等)专科68. vessel n. 船舶;容器 ,器皿;血管69. vertical a. 垂直的70. oblige v. 迫使 ,责成;使感激71. obscure a. 阴暗,模糊72. extent n. 程度,范围,大小 ,限度73. exterior n. 外部,外表 a. 外部的,外表的74. external a. 外部的,外表的,外面的75. petrol n. 汽油76. petrol81. ruin v. 毁坏,破坏 n. 毁灭,[pl.]废墟82. sake n. 缘故 ,理由83. satellite n. 卫星84. scale n. 大小,规模;等级;刻度85. temple n. 庙宇86. tedious a. 乏味道,单调的,87. tend vi.易于,趋向88. tendency n.趋向,趋势89. ultimate a. 极端的,最大的,最终的 n. 极94. bachelor n. 学士,学士学位;单身汉95. casual a. 偶然的,碰巧的;临时的;非正式的96. trap n. 陷阱,圈套 v. 设陷阱捕捉97. vacant a. 空的,未占用的98. vacuum n. 真空,真空吸尘器99. oral a. 口头

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八份高考英语考卷超纲词汇(含中文) 9P


1全国(I)acre 英亩affordable 便宜的,付得起的amazon 亚马逊河;亚马逊;古希腊女战士annually每年artiste 艺人authentic 真实的bonus 奖金,补贴;额外津贴breathtaking 惊人的bunny 兔子burner 燃烧器cardboard 纸板cartoonist 漫画家cheater 骗子cleanliness 清洁comer 来者contractor 承包商,订约人crawl 爬行;卑躬屈膝decimate V. 毁掉大部分,大批杀害;使骤减desirable 合意的,可取的,合适的disappointment 失望donate 捐赠;赠送dorm 宿舍 dormitoryEaster 复活节emotionally 心潮澎湃;情感上ensemble n. 系综;全体;剧团euro 欧元excitement 兴奋explorer 探险家;资源管理器fantastically 极其地favorable 有利,赞成的fluency 流利functionality 功能性furnishings 家具,室内陈设grocer 杂货商heater 加热器hostel 青年旅社inclusion 包含inconveniently 不便intelligent 智能,智慧的,理解力强的intolerant 偏狭的,不宽容的karaoke 卡拉 OKlid 盖子melon 甜瓜migratory 迁徙的,流浪的nicely 好omega 欧米茄onstage 前台,上场,台上的optimism 乐观主义overly 过度地Parisian 巴黎人plumbing 管道,水管设施popularity 人气;普及;流行popularization 大众化porridge粥prediction 预测pricey 昂贵probable很可能发生publicity 公示,公共宣传refuge 避难所ripe 成熟的rooftop 屋顶scholarly 学者风度的;有学问的settler 定居者smoothly 顺利sportsman 运动员stove 炉子suitcase 手提箱talkative健谈toast 吐司traveler 旅客;旅行者unclear 清楚undoubted 无疑的unnatural 不自然的waterfowl 水禽;水鸟wetland 湿地;沼泽地willingly 愿意workweek 工作日全国(甲)adorable 值得崇敬的;可爱的baggy 宽松的;袋装; 宽松下垂的beloved 心爱的;深爱的biography 传记blacklist黑名单calf小牛captivity囚禁期;圈养cautiously 谨慎centrally集中chill n.v.adj.(使) 寒意,扫兴;冷淡的,寒冷的classical古典的comer 来者costly 成本高昂creativity 创造力critically 批判性地2darkroom 暗室deliberately 故意地desirable 值得拥有的;吸引人的donate 捐赠dynasty 王朝empress 皇后fake 假货fantastic太棒了flock n.一群;羊群 v.聚集;成群结队fog 雾foreground 前景;近景;突出的位置humankind 人类indirectly 间接地,含蓄地;indiscretion 轻率(的言行)intelligent 有才智的;智慧的;智能的madness疯狂mature 成熟mountainous 多山nick 昵称pepperoni 意大利辣香肠per

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高考英语应用文写作 —— 邀请信 32P

高考英语应用文写作 —— 邀请信.docx

【常用词汇】1. 邀请 invite/ invitation2. 做演讲 make/deliver a speech3. 评委 judge4. 感激 appreciate (vi. )/ be grateful5. 荣幸 honor (v./n.)6. 欢迎 welcome (v./n./adj.)7. 接受邀请 accept sb’s invitation8.代表学校 on behalf of 13.欢迎你参加 You are welcome to...【常用句型】1. I’m ... from ...,the president of the Student Union.我是来自育文学校的王明,学生会主席。2. An English speaking contest of our school will be held on August 6.我们学校有一场英语演讲比赛将在 8 月 9.Please let me know soon if you decide to come.10. It will begin at 2:00 pm and last two hours, during which time 15 well-prepared contestants will deliver their speeches.它将于下午两点开始四点结束,在此期间将会有十五位准备充分16. We will feel much honored if you could come.如果你能来,我们会非常荣幸。17. We are looking forward to your coming.我们期待着你的到来。18. I am longing to see you soon.我期待着尽早见到你。【写作试题】1假设你是红星中学高三(1)班班长李华。你班即将开展五一劳动节时时彩开奖软件_活动。请你给____________________________________________________Yours,Li Hua【参考范文】Dear Jim,I’m writing to invite you to take part in a class activity on the May Day holiday.With the aim of raising the awareness oLi Hua【写作试题】2假设你是李华,你们社区将举办 “中国民间音乐节” 。请你给在北京学习的英国朋友 Jim 写封电子邮件,邀请他来参加此次时时彩开奖软件_活动。内容包括:1. 时时彩开奖软件_活动的时间、地点;2. 时时彩开奖软件_活动的内容;3. 邀请的理由。注意:1. 词数不少于 50;2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。提示词:社区 community中国民间音乐节 Chinese Folk Music Festival【参考范文I’m writing to invite you to attend the Chinese Folk Music Festival in our community next weekend.At the festival, there will be various performances, such as the performances of folk musical instrume2.晚会目的3.你的希望参考词汇:recitation n. 吟诵注意:词数 100 左右,可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【参考范文】Hi John,I have good news to share with you-that is, in our school hall,

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高考英语应用文写作 —— 推荐信 38P

高考英语应用文写作 —— 推荐信.docx

一. 报道/调查〖佳作赏读〗1假定你是校英语报记者李华,你校英语读书会近期举办了以“Read for the Future”为主题的英语演讲比赛。请写一篇短文,报道此次时时彩开奖软件_活动。内容包括:1. 时间、地点;2. 时时彩开奖软件_活动过程和意义;3. 学生的感受。注意:1. 词数 100 左右; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【参考范文】In order to arouse students’ interesAs scheduled, students gathered at the assembly hall at 2 pm on Tuesday. After the hosts introduced the topic and judges, 15 competitors delivered their speeches in turn, which were well received by t事故给你的启发参考词汇:救护车:ambulance急救中心:first aid center【参考范文】A Traffic AccidentLast Saturday, an unexpected traffic accident happened to an old lady. It was 9:30 am. An old lady was knocked down by a young ma〖好句背诵〗1. Recently, a survey has been done to find out …最近,进行了一次调查去了解......2. One thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in HuBei Province were interviewed.湖北省 10 间学校的一千名中学生参与了调查。3. Th为了庆祝建党 90 周年,丰富大家的文化生活,我们学校最近举办了一次爱国歌曲演唱会。二. 投稿〖佳作赏读〗1假如你是高三(1)班的李华,为响应学校开展的“班级文化节”时时彩开奖软件_活动,你班提出了设计班服的创意,请用英语给时时彩开奖软件_活动组委会写一封信 80 词左右的信,表明班服的意义并说明班服标志的特色。班服:class uniform标志:logo【参考范文】Dear committee,In response to class’ spirits and values, helping us to feel like we are contributing to something worthwhile and values. A more convincing view in favor of class uniform is unity.To inspire confidence and progress 参考范文:Version1:Frankly speaking, the idiom “锲而不舍” is one of my favorite expressions in Chinese, which has helped me go through many tough days.The character “锲” is a verb meaning carving with knife anbeing confronted with difficulties. The reason why I recommend the proverb is that it lifts me up both academically and physically.Chances a

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